Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Umm... Oops.

Well hello there! I didn't notice you come in.

...I was wrong. I admit that.

My last post about Viper Sting seems to be incorrect. The new Viper Sting really is 4% drain; as I said in the first post. This is not bad at all - 4% drain up to 8% return is nothing to sneeze at.

For those of you who got excited like I did, thinking that it really was 18% drain, I am sorry. I used an... outdated resource to base that post on.

On a lighter note: PATCH 3.1.0 WOOOO!

That's right! After months of testing, Ulduar is live!

Over the next few days of posts I will be analysing some key improvements, as well as some disappointments, in the new patch.

Hoping your enjoying the new content,

-Zolton of Stormrage


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