Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Come... We Have Much To Discuss...

Hello, and a pleasant day to you.

I once again must apologize. Due to school and certain obligations I have been unable to keep my word of reporting on 3.1.0 over a few days. However, this does not mean I can't still do some reporting now on Ulduar.
Before I begin on the Patch, I would first like to point out some changes to the site I have made both graphic and functionality wise. First of all, you may notice that there is now a button on the right hand column for Feed Subscription. The graphic for the button is not entirely mine, but I am the one who added the ice to it so as to make it more WoW oriented.

Secondly, you may notice in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Please scroll over it now. That's right! This is my new feedback button! I feel that many people are not impressed by my writing and in an effort to improve myself I have added the feedback functionality. Now you can tell me exactly what is wrong! Please do, by the way, for I am always trying to better myself. Also, do not hold back from giving me positive feedback as well. It is always a treat to hear that my work is appreciated!

Now, finally, into the heart of today's topic: The Argent Tournament!

I must say that I have been excited about this new event ever since I heard about it on MMO-Champion. What's that? Cool new mounts and gear? Jousting? A Hippogryph? FOR 0 GOLD?! EVEN I CAN AFFORD THAT!

However, it is unfortunate that I now say that I am disappointed. I came to the Tournament eager, willing, ready to joust! But all I got were some lousy dailies that sent me flying all over Northrend, grabbing swords, killing a few scourge... boring. And then I saw Up to the Challenge and said "ok, it's not too bad." Let's see, the three dalies per day give you 5 seals total - the quest calls for 15. So only three days? I can wait that long. "Ok, Blizzard, I'll play your game," I said to the non-existent Blizzard rep, afterward staring up towards the sky (really just the ceiling) thoughtfully.

Finally, three days of doing the dailies had past. Finally, I can joust and win some rewards! I went and finished off the Argent Valiant and dashed back to the quest giver. AWESOME! You can call me Valiant, sucka! Now time to win some rew- whoa, whoa, wait... what this? Another quest?! Valiant's Seals? What the |-|e77is this? OK! NOW IT'S GOIN' DOWN! You want me to collect 25? But that'll take another FIVE DAYS! Oh, hold on, there's another quest here. So that mean's I can get more seals a day right?


Now I still get five seals but I have to do another daily to get them. My patience is wearing thin...

So it is obvious how I feel personally about the Tournament, but I feel that there is a summary to made.

Ok, all in all, the Tournament is semi-interesting and provides some decent gear rewards to those too lazy or too busy to raid. The mounts that can be purchased with the seals are pretty cool, especially the Hippogryph, and I look forward to obtaining them. However despite these nice rewards, I feel that the process of obtaining the champion status that is required to start gathering seals takes too much time.  It takes 8 days in total just to obtain the champion status. Hopefully this time can be made up for.

-Zolton of Stormrage

P.S. Another problem I see is in the jousting. Jousting requires the jouster to have good control over the mount and be able to use their abilities as soon as the cooldowns are up. This means that if you have lag or a low fps then your pretty much out of the running. This, I feel, gives an unfair advantage to those players with better computers.


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