Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unexpected Results!

 Time for my first IRL post! Today's topic pertains to school happenings.

  Over Mid-Winter break, I along with my class mates were divided into groups of four and assigned a project for economics class. The basic theme of the project was this: Create a 10 min presentation about the assigned system of economy (we got command/planned economy) while trying to convince the teacher that yours was the best system. The presentation should give basic information on what the core principals of the system are, how the system is better in relation to the other three types, and how goods are produced/distributed.

   The presentation could be in any form desired, whether it be formal speech, powerpoint presentation, skit, etc. Our group, wanting to be different, decided to make a movie. We used the local library as a set and used everything there that we could as a prop (whether it was against the rules of the library or not :) ). When it was all said and done the movie took up about 8 minutes and took about 6 hours to plan and shoot. The end result was... embarrassing. Now don't get me wrong, the movie turned out great; but when you have to present a video to the class in which you do a fake russian accent, it is always embarrassing .

   Well today was the day to present and, to tell you the truth, it went over pretty well. But I guess thats one of the advantages about going to a small high school (there are only 125 people (it is and IB school)) is that the students are a lot less judgemental.

   So all-in-all, today was a good day.


-Zolton of Stormrage


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