Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, hello blog

  I honestly started this blog with out knowing if I'd follow through with it, and honestly I didn't think I'd do a second post... but  I have to talk about this somewhere. The main topic of this post ladies and gentlemen, is Hunter Noobs.

  Now when I say hunter noob, I don't mean people who mess up and break a Freezing Trap or one who really is new, but those hunters who act like they know more about the class than anyone else; the ones that try to make a point about the hunter class when they obviously haven't actually paid attention to the recent changes in spells and pets, and call you ignorant when you say something to contradict them. I'm talking about those hunter noobs. 

  I met today one particularly noobish druid today who apparently has a high level hunter. This druid's name was Tethylin. The story goes as such: A friend of mine from school decided to reroll on my server, to my great joy he decided to be a hunter. Well he reaches level ten and asks me about speccing and pets. So I tell him go beast master and for now tame a Carrion Bird ( I know it may not be the best, but I used one since the patch and it was pretty good). Then he tells me that some guy told him he should get a cat or ravager. This is understandable, before the patch cats and ravagers dominated, but now they are pretty bad. I explain this to him and he relays this message back to the person. After that the guy is invited into the group and starts telling about how he used a ravager until level 40 then tamed King B. I ask if this was pre-WotLK and he says yes, but then says, and I quote, "But that doesn't matter because he's only level 10". I try explaining to him that pet spells and pet mechanics were changed in the Patch just before the expansion. Then I try telling him the new system and explaining why not to get a cat. I try explaining that ravagers are Cunning pets and are therefore not good for solo leveling. This ends badly. In the end he ends up getting all pissy, tells me I'm ignorant, and leaves the party.

What. An. A-Hole.

  So the moral of the story, kids, is to not try and correct someone about their own class when you haven't actually played the class yourself since a very large patch. You will only make yourself look ignorant.


  Now time for a Northrend update. Currently level 74. Questing in Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills for now. /love ing my Devilsaur.

 Well that's all for now.



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